Single Serve Coffee Maker for K-Cup Pod & Ground Coffee, Small Size Coffee Machine,Fast brewing,Strength Control and Self Cleaning Function by KitchenBro

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2-IN-1 BREWING FUNCTION,EASE TO USE, FAST BREWING,AUTO-SHUTDOWN AND SELF-CLEANING FUNCTION,SPACE-SAVING BREWER,BREW WITH STRENGTH CONTROL2-IN-1 BREWING FUNCTION: Whether you want to brew a K-CUP or make a cup of ground coffee, this single-cup coffee machine can help you! 2 buttons help you easily choose two ways to brew coffee.
EASE TO USE, FAST BREWING: The fast brewing of this k cup coffee machine provides you a cup of coffee in 3 minutes! Fill the tank with water, insert a K-cup pod or pour in ground coffee, press the button, the hot coffee would be ready soon.Making coffee is that simple.
AUTO-SHUTDOWN AND SELF-CLEANING FUNCTION: This single-cup coffee maker turns off automatically when the brewing process is completed or the tank is out of water. No longer to worry about forgetting to turn off the mini coffee machine. Press the 2 button at the same time and this single cup coffee machine could be self-cleaned.
SPACE-SAVING BREWER: The compact design for this small coffee maker makes it easy to carry with anywhere. Such as a travel car, hotel, desk, a small kitchen counter, apartment or a lounge. We offer you a solution to make delicious coffee in a narrow place.
BREW WITH STRENGTH CONTROL: The water amount in this single-serve coffee machine can range from 6 ounces to 14 ounces. You can control the amount of water based on the coffee flavor you need. This one cup coffee maker is made of FDA-approved materials. It does not produce an unpleasant smell and eco friendly. Please feel free to use.

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