Target Marketing Systems Skipton Collection Modern Armless Ladder Back Dining Room Chairs, Set of Two, White/Wood

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Target Marketing Systems introduces the Skipton Collection. This collection has two dining room chairs that have been designed to provide you with optimum comfort during conversations and meals. Designed with dimensions of 18.8″ x 21.3″ x 40.25 and seat dimensions of 18.3″ x 16.25″ x 17.75″ and a total weight of 34 lbs., it is certain that these dining room chairs will easily fit in your home without taking up too much space and providing you with the comfort that you seek. Crafted from quality rubberwood, these dining room chairs have been built to be durable and long lasting for many years to come. Enhance your home decor with these stylish and crafty dining room chairs that have been made just for you. The set of two, will compliment your dining room table and provide an inviting touch to your home. Upon delivery, there is assembly required. Since 1985, Target Marketing Systems has created Furniture that are durable and long lasting. With a commitment to the customer, you can never go wrong with their Furniture because customer satisfaction is the goal. Purchase this furniture with confidence and trust and you will not be disappointed. Target Marketing Systems thrives on innovation and quality and always continue to strive and grow to create and introduce a piece of furniture that will leave you in awe. Never failing to succeed and impress, Target Marketing Systems succeeds with their consumer attention and dedication and ongoing production of durable and affordable furniture for all.Impeccable Dimensions: These Dining Room Chairs Have Been Made to Easily Fit in Your Home and Provide You With the Comfort That You Seek While Enjoying a Meal or Conversation at Your Table. Designed With Measurements of 18.8″ x 21.3″ x 40.25″ and Seat Dimensions of 18.3″ x 16.25″ x 17.75″ and a Total Weight of 34 lbs., These Dining Room Chairs Will Easily Fit in Your Home to Provide You With a Comfortable Chair That Will Not Take Up Too Much Space in Your Home
Built With Quality: These Dining Room Chairs Have Been Constructed From Durable Rubberwood to Present You With a Seating Chair Made of Quality That Will Be Durable and Long Lasting For Many Years to Come. Designed With a Dual Tone, it Has an Appeal of Comfort, Durability and Style
Modern Design: Designed With an Armless and Ladder-back Finish, These Dining Room Chairs Have Been Made to Stand Out and Provide a Stylish Finish to Your Home Décor. Enjoy Something of Style and Sit at Your Dining Room Table in Comfort With These Skipton Collection Dining Room Chairs
Convenient and Stylish: These Dining Room Chairs Have Been Designed to Come as a Set and Provide a Captivating Appeal to Enhance Your Dining Room Décor. Add the Skipton Collection to Your Home Décor and Add an Inviting Touch to Your Dining Room. There is Minimal Assembly Required Upon Delivery. Follow the Detailed Instructions For a Quick Put Together and Begin to Sit in Comfort
Purchase with Confidence: Target Marketing Systems is Dedicated to Providing High Quality Furniture through Innovation for Over 30 Years. Affordability and Trust is a Must With Target Marketing Systems

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